Episode 2 - CEO of Discovery Health, Ron Whelan & EY-Parthenon map South Africa’s health care future

In the second episode of EY-Parthenon’s Real-World Strategy Dialogues – a podcast series by EY Parthenon – Discovery Health CEO Dr Ron Whelan discusses the future of healthcare in South Africa.

Whelan is a trained doctor with an MBA from the University of Witwatersrand and boasts extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

He is also the co-founder of Healthforce, a leading telemedicine player in South Africa.

Whelan begins the interview by explaining how he expects the health industry to evolve in the coming years, due to the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases.

He then outlines how Discovery Health is adapting its business strategy to take advantage of the latest digital technologies.

Whelan also talks about his perspective on universal healthcare in South Africa and how he feels about the NHI.

He then touches on the strategic imperatives he believes are essential for Discovery Health to be successful.

Whelan concludes the interview by offering his thoughts on AI adoption and how it may impact the healthcare industry.

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