Episode 3 - EY-Parthenon and Absa Group Limited – Punki Modise’s insights on innovation and adaptation

In the third episode of EY-Parthenon’s Real-World Strategy Dialogues – a podcast series by EY-Parthenon – Absa Group Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer Punki Modise shares her thoughts on adapting and innovating amid uncertainty.

Modise is responsible for driving the integration of business strategy and sustainability measures at Absa. This includes overseeing the implementation and effectiveness of the Group’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agenda.

Before her current position, Modise served in several important roles at Absa – including CFO of the Retail Business Bank, Head of Transactional Banking, Chief of Staff in Retail Banking, CFO of Distribution Channels, and CFO of Card and Consumer Finance.

In the interview, Modise discusses how they create economic growth and freedom for Absa’s customers.

She explains that this is done while navigating industry uncertainty, emphasising the importance of agility and foresight.

Modise then unpacks the strategic imperatives necessary to be successful in the current business climate.

These are broadly centred around three pillars – innovation, customer centricity, and sustainability – which Modise details in more depth.

Modise concludes the interview by explaining the principles and strategies she employs to navigate the significant responsibilities of her important role at Absa.

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