Episode 10 - Digicloud Africa and JumpCloud CEOs on enabling remote working in South Africa

In this Business Talk with Michael Avery interview, Digicloud Africa CEO Gregory MacLennan and JumpCloud CEO and co-founder Rajat Bhargava discuss the transformation of work in South Africa.

MacLennan and his team at Digicloud Africa work with resellers across the continent to help businesses that use Google Cloud products and services realise significant digital transformation and application modernisation value.

Bhargava is an entrepreneur, investor, and author who is well-respected in the cloud industry.

He is an MIT graduate with over two decades of high-tech experience and particularly enjoys building and investing in software companies.

In this interview, Bhargava explains how JumpCloud helps businesses transition to a remote work model through its identity and device management offering.

Bhargava and MacLennan then explain why each of their companies is focused heavily on implementing JumpCloud’s offering in the African continent.

Both experts also discuss how their businesses approach remote working internally, highlighting that the perfect balance for every business is different.

MacLennan concludes by explaining how Digicloud Africa helps businesses integrate JumpCloud into their organisations as quickly and seamlessly as possible through its Google Cloud partners.

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