Episode 6 - Prabashini Moodley

Episode 6 - Prabashini Moodley

Prabashini Moodley is the managing director of Old Mutual Corporate, having served in various roles across personal finance, Old Mutual Investment Group, mass and foundation cluster, and a secondment to Old Mutual Mexico.

In this episode of Business Talk with Michael Avery, Moodley highlights the difficulty businesses have faced over the past 12 months, in maintaining relationships with clients sympathetically, while also managing and looking after the well-being of employees.

Business Talk Season 2 - Presented by Discovery Bank
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The second season of Business Talk by BusinessTech, follows the hugely successful first season of the online interview series. Business Talk Season 2 is hosted by Michael Avery and sponsored by Discovery Bank. Business Talk Season 2 features conversations with South Africa’s leading executives.

The show explores the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on South Africa and consumers and how companies, and the country can move forward; and what can be done to ensure a prosperous future.

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